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Just So You Know

I just wanted to clear something up: I am not a big fan of TV violence, but neither am I a fan of having the government decide for everyone else what falls under that heading.

I was reminded of the disconnect between my beliefs and the perception as I was surfing the 'net and came across, yet again, a December attack on me and others in the trade press by Brent Bozell, ex of the Parents Television Council, over the indecency issue.

In one of his last commentaries as head of PTC, Bozell suggested I and my ilk were "champagne-sipping sybarites who have no greater cause in American life than the precious right to choke fat obscenities down the gaping mouths of grade-school children.

I have taken heat before for defending offensive material, though I have also taken heat from shock jocks–OK, one shock jock whose part in that criticism will remain private–for also arguing for corporate responsibility as an important complement to all that freedom.

I bring this up as the FCC prepares, eventually, to release its violence report to Congress, which will almost surely prompt lots of ink and be accompanied by at least one bill to give the FCC the power to regulate violent TV.

I will report that news straight, even as readers of my blog will know that I have serious concerns about media violence in general. My concern always stops at the door of my house, however, or your house, and does not extend to inviting government to insure that my views are imposed on everyone else.

I love this country for its tolerance of all kinds of nonsense and trash-talking and envelope-pushing and edgy content. That, too, is the diversity that makes this country strong.

The sound you just heard was my soap box being dragged back into the closet.

By John Eggerton.