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Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Nov. 5, 2009

Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@mindykaling(Actor, Co-Exec Producer, Writer, NBC’s The Office) i only want to write about singing and long choreographed dance numbers

@HartHanson(Creator, Fox’s Bones) Suiting up for the BAFTA Britannia Awards tonight. Hope I still remember the words to “God Save the Queen”, not the Sex Pistols version.

@JoeNBC(Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe Host) Forgive me my conservative friends but I love Lawrence O’Donnell. When he gets on a roll, he’s as unpredictable as a runaway beer truck.

@shawnryantv(Writer, The Shield/The Unit/Lie To Me) Thanks for #LieToMe love. Will our “bye week” hurt us next week? RT @BastardMachine: Power Rankings! are up.

@gavinpurcell(TV Producer) This is a picture of picture of a cup of coffee. Take a picture of this picture and I’ll take another one.

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