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Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Nov. 3, 2009

Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@azizansari(Aziz Ansari, star, Parks and Recreation) Today on Parks and Rec, we are shooting a full day at… The Glitter Factory. And its disgusting.

@Syfy(Craig Engler, the SVP & GM of Digital, Syfy) Getting the latest update on Hulu from the always fun Jason Kilar. Only guy I know who says “hulabaloo” in a meeting.

@gavinpurcell(TV Producer) I’m giving up diet coke as of today (keeping coffee/caffeine). Not sure what will happen since I’ve had 2+ everyday since eighth grade.

@StephenAtHome(Stephen Colbert) hey kids who toilet-papered my lawn: i don’t appreciate your using the cheap stuff. my birches deserve at least 3-play

@jaketapper(Jake Tapper, Sr White House Correspondent for ABC News) where’s our take-out? i hope our sound guy didnt order it literally from China

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