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Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Nov. 24, 2009

Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@mindykaling(Co-Exec Producer, Actor,  Writer, NBC’s The Office) In Boston now with the folks, where the times are good and end promptly at 9:30pm after some Fox News.

@wolfblitzercnn(Anchor, CNN’s The Situation Room) Shakira’s new album is “She Wolf.” With that title, shouldn’t I invite her to join me in The SitRoom? She Wolf and He Wolf.

@ChrisCuomo(Good Morning America News Anchor) hmm…8 yrs of marriage correlates with bronze…so for a gift for the little lady maybe a bust of joe namath???

@AlexSFLTV( Blogger) LOL! Still nothing on about the tri-county chase… Nearly 4 hours later. Good job, NEWS website. How sad!

@CarltonCuse(Writer, Exec Producer, ABC’s Lost) Stephen King’s new book, “Under The Dome”, has two LOST references. We are beyond happy.

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