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Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Nov. 18, 2009

Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@shondarhimes (Exec Producer, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) I made a cake that Justin called “a doorstop” - not good. Jessica Capshaw was very respectful and ate quietly. Stacy McKee won the trophy.

@gavinpurcell(TV Producer) My favorite fan sign at the “New Moon” premiere is the one that just says “Look at me” with googly eyes for the ‘o’s.

@HartHanson (Creator, Bones) Speaking as a fan, it’s great Aaron Sorkin is going to do tv again, but does it have to be another “tv about tv” thing? Aren’t we full up?

@Syfy (Craig Engler, the SVP & GM of Digital, SyFy) RT @scifiwire: Dollhouse curse: 16 sci-fi TV shows killed in season 2:

@alanarusso (MSNBC PR) Woman waiting at Palin event to Andrea Mitchell: “I’d rather she have a talk show than be VP of the United States, but I still like her.”

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