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Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Dec. 9, 2009

Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@HartHanson(Creator, Bones) You know what’s fun? Following a whole bunch of tv critics posting their favorite lines of ‘09 and NONE of them being from your show. Fun.

@TimKarr(Campaign Director, Free Press) My submission for #NetNeutrality Slogan Contest: “The Big Genachowski” — what’s yours? #NNSlogan

@shondarhimes(EP, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) Umm…i want people to start watching Better Off Ted so that it doesn’t get cancelled. I need my Better Off Ted, people.

@paulfeig(Creator, Freaks and Geeks) I’ve decided that today shall be Smell-Like-A-Pirate Day, since I believe that I currently smell like a pirate.

@kevwilliamson(EP and Writer, The Vampire Diaries) Triple Venti non-fat latte is calling like a foghorn in the dark night. “La - Tay.” “La - Taaay.”

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