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Inauguration Coverage: Who's Watching?

Even as a Brit, I’m completely swept up in the inauguration euphoria, suprisingly, not everyone is.

Folks outside the New York metro area provide a slightly different perspective. Several neighbors said they didn’t have any plans to watch the big day. “I’m just not that into politics,” said one. “Who cares,” said another, which made me wonder if the ratings will be as big as we’re all expecting. One Dallas-based ad buyer said its a practically a non-event where he lives.

Too bad Nielsen can’t rate viewers in the UK where my parents have been glued to their TV sets watching sunrise on the Capitol Building with awe. They remember watching Martin Luther King’s inspiring address in the late sixties and wouldn’t miss being part of today for anything.

Personally speaking, the president’s speech was undeniably compelling. For the first time since landing here ten years ago, I think its time to start on the path to citizenship.

Just an aside: does anyone else keep thinking of kid’s show “Bob the Builder,”  when they hear the phrase, “Yes we can?”