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Inauguration Coverage: With Friends Like Brian Williams...

Even with an army of production people and spotters probably in his ear, reeling off the countless names as you describe the run up to the inauguration can not be easy.

So that’s why you might have felt bad (or not) for NBC’s Brian Williams Tuesday morning when he went on about his “friend” and Barack Obama’s new body man, Reggie Love…all while looking at video of Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson.

With Robinson in frame, Williams talked about Love’s role with Obama in recent months (holding Purell, pens and Chapstick) and then how he will transition to the role of personal assistant to the President.

“A lot of us have watched this relationship over the past few months,” Williams said.

Apparently, they weren’t watching too closely over the past few months, as that wasn’t Love.

Someone apparently got to Williams soon after, who awkwardly stumbled through a retraction.

“Sorry, I was talking about my friend Reggie, looking at Michelle’s brother,” he said. “Craig Robinson was who we were looking at.  I was preoccupied having seen Reggie this morning.”