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I Seen a Million Faces, And I Liked Them All

Fox’s crowd shots at Shea Stadium last night for Game 7 of the National League Championship Series were brilliant. Maybe I noticed them more than in other series because I’m a Mets fan and I was looking for familiar faces in the crowd—and looking for kinship from the unfamiliar faces too. But they really struck me as being particularly effective. The hope and then worry on the mug of the Huck Finn-looking kid with the wild mop of red hair that the camera crew went back to a few times. The guy with his eyes closed, unable to watch the action, chanting a prayer. The dude burying his face in his hands after Yadier “How Did I Hit Just .216 In the Regular Season?” Molina’s crushing home run… 

Baseball’s pace, or lack thereof, is perfect for well-rendered illustrations in between pitches, and the Fox crew hit a homer last night. If only Carlos Beltran could’ve done the same.

By Michael Malone