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How to Get the Guy Beach?

Did anybody else notice that ABC's dating reality show How to Get the Guylooked tres Laguna Beachwhen it premiered last night? That glossy look trying to blur the lines between reality and scripted drama is unmistakable. Actually, my sister - who was IMing me about the show while my friend was texting me about it and mother was calling me about it (apparently ABC's succeeded in luring women of all ages to this thing) - actually thought the show was a scripted series before I filled her in. I have to say that practice makes perfect - with two seasons of Lagunaunder its belt, MTV's currently running spinoff series The Hillsand, in my opinion, succeeding far more at creating viewer affinity for its shows "characters." I think it's because the MTV shows are only half an hour and don't have hosts. I'll definitely give How to Get the Guyanother shot, though, if for no other reason than to keep up with the family chit-chat! Oh, also, the four women the show follows? All such extroverts. Could they not have picked someone a little more subdued? I guess that wouldn't make for good TV (and since Guy comes from the Queer Eyeproducers, I wouldn't expect it to favor the wallflower type), but still, two out of the four of the date-hunting women are straight-up obnoxious.

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By Anne Becker