How Doubling Down on Addressable Technology Can Transform An Advertising Buy

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your advertising strategy is really worth the investment. How do you know you’re getting the right message to the right consumers regardless of where, when or how they watch TV?

For a growing number of advertisers, one particular strategy is offering a solution: addressable advertising.

DISH Media has re-engineered and re-defined addressable advertising into an interactive and cost-effective initiative that can help successfully navigate the enormous gap between brand building and actually securing a sale. 

DISH Media has also taken a leadership position in establishing key funnel components — three in total — that are necessary for any ad buyer who is looking to define and build a successful advertising buy.

Those three audience components — Core, Brand and Custom — offer direction and insight for ad buyers. These three components ensure that advertisers receive more precise targeting, enhanced advertising relevancy, rolling consumer penetration, targeted data capabilities and quantifiable visibility metrics.

All of this has made it easier for buyers to understand exactly how addressable can be used to their advantage.

Addressable Advertising Redefined

Take for example, the national bank that wanted to boost account applications and grow high-yield investments. The bank used a Brand Audience addressable option to target first-party prospects with specific qualifications: they had to be high earners with at least $250,000 annual income and a college degree. The bank ran an advertising campaign two times a week for one quarter using analysis from a data aggregation company.

The result: $2.4 million in additional invested dollars in a 30-day attribution window.

Consider, too, the national life insurance company that utilized Sling TV to boost the number of completed applications through its website. Using the Core Audience solution and Sling first party data, the company targeted adults aged 25-54 a few times a week for four weeks. The result was an 89% lift in completed insurance applications. 

For both of these companies, addressable advertising was the answer because it provided the ability to successfully target a key audience in a way that achieved the right balance between efficiency and scale.

The result is game-changing, according to Kevin Arrix, senior vice president at DISH Media.

“Jumping into addressable used to seem like an overwhelming and expensive hurdle, especially for smaller agencies," Arrix said. “But we’ve broken down addressable into three core segments that can be manipulated for different levels of commitment and targeting in a cost-effective way. Now, brands are viewing addressable as a small step instead of a leap.”

The Core, Brand and Custom Audience solutions leverage different data sources to find the right balance between efficiency and scale in the following ways:

Core Audience leverages DISH and Sling TV subscriber information and targets viewers through metrics such as daypart, device used, genre and location.

Brand Audience allows buyers to reach proprietary audiences using the advertisers’ first-party data sources that gather together customer data, details on loyalty programs and direct mail list information.

Custom Audience allows users to create custom targets with third-party data that leverages lifestyle data, predictive modeling, advanced demographics and competitive conquests.

All of these options form an addressable solution that is unencumbered by issues of scale or concerns about limited inventory which have stymied other addressable ventures.

National numbers tell a compelling story, too. Over the last two years, the U.S. addressable TV audience grew from 127.7 million to 162.2 million, with spending on addressable TV advertising expected to reach $3.3 billion next year (a 343% increase over the last three years).*

Addressable TV: Why Advertisers Need It Now

All this leads to specific benefits for buyers, according to Arrix.

"We understand the importance of seamless activation, real-time speed with dynamic ad insertion, and transparency into delivery and ROI,” he said. 

“Address for Success: How Addressable TV Delivers Full-Funnel Outcomes,” 

That’s why today, buyers are realizing that the most effective means of bridging the gap between building a brand and securing a sale is through addressable advertising. It’s proven to be an interactive and cost-effective initiative that’s managed — in a world of fractured and distracted viewing — to make sure the right consumers are seeing the right content at the right time, regardless of where, when or how they’re watching.