Addressable Advertising Redefined

If addressable is tomorrow’s holy grail for television advertising, what is keeping ad agencies and buyers from tapping into this transformative technology?

It could be confusion, complexity or even lack of awareness.

Addressable advertising has been an intimidating technology for traditional TV buyers. The learning curve associated with understanding CPMs, backend attribution and data analytics can sometimes make buyers hesitant to pursue addressable. It can be tricky to formulate a set of target consumer segmentations, understand how advanced targeting works and grasp which key determinants should be priority in a highly targeted ad buy.

But if you’re a hesitant buyer who has not yet invested in addressable advertising, you’re missing some of the most compelling opportunities to optimize your buying strategy and reach key consumers.

Addressable TV: Why Advertisers Need It Now

Addressable advertising allows for the creation of customized, relevant and impactful campaigns. It can track usage in near real time; deliver relevant, actionable data and comprehensive ROI from consumers; and target individual demographics in a way that no traditional campaign can.

To demonstrate the strength and abilities of addressable advertising, let’s examine the efforts of two brands who have two different missions. In one case, an insurance company wanted to boost the percentage of applications completed on its website and push its brand to a wider audience. In the other, a national retailer needed to increase sales and market share during the fall holiday season. The brand from the insurance vertical wanted to go broad but still achieve verifiable measurable backend results. The retail brand wanted to pinpoint exact audiences utilizing first-party data.

With addressable advertising, both brands achieved maximum impact. The insurance firm saw an 89% boost in completed applications. The retailer received a 92% lift in market penetration, a 62% boost in sales and a 2:1 ROI. As a result, both advertisers have invested more into the addressable space, after realizing its true potential in their own advertising campaigns.

With over seven years of addressable experience, DISH Media has built an impressive addressable initiative that eases the entry process for agencies utilizing addressable advertising. These developments give buyers detailed control over frequency and reach, while increasing effectiveness of customized messaging. The initiative uses patented analytics to build audience insights that can also be applied to linear buying. It calculates the effectiveness of viewing across multiple platforms and uses proprietary data analytics to maximize ROI.

Comscore and DISH Media Surpass 100 DISH and Sling TV Cross-Platform Addressable Ad Campaigns

In order to simplify addressable execution, DISH Media redefined addressable targeting for the marketplace with three comprehensive, data-driven solutions.

Core Audience Addressable is a wide-reaching tool that unlocks access to household-level targeting via DISH and Sling TV subscriber data. This includes viewership behavior, demo, device and/or location.

Custom Audience Addressable combines third-party data sources to reach highly advanced targets. Data companies like Experian, LiveRamp, Polk — just to name a few — aggregate and anonymize data, creating audience profiles that can be mapped to addressable universes. An example is targeting people likely to live an active lifestyle or those in the market for a new car.

Brand Audience Addressable, the most widely used tool, utilizes first-party data to reach customers, formers, prospects or those on mailing lists. It allows clients to hit the exact households in a brand’s database for detailed precision and effectiveness.

With this efficiency funnel, addressable can be broken down into terms that are easier for agencies to digest. For brands looking to test addressable, consider taking the first step with Core Audience Addressable, which gives a brand access to household-level targets via verified subscriber data. After that campaign, one might consider a move into Brand Audience Addressable.

This breakdown simplifies addressable for agencies and buyers, making it easier to understand and integrate seamlessly into their buying strategy.

"Brands are now viewing addressable advertising as a small step instead of a leap" says Kevin Arrix, senior vice president at DISH Media. "You don't need to go to a 3rd party data provider to activate addressability — we have rich 1st party subscriber data across DISH and Sling TV, which brands can utilize."

That’s why more brands, agencies and vendors looking for a way to reach target viewers are turning to the addressable advertising initiative developed by DISH Media. Whether those audiences are a broad, core or micro-targeted group, the cross-platform addressable initiative helps buyers blaze a trail that is both powerful and impactful.