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House Jr.?

Back in TV’s olden days, which I was reminded of this week when Mark Cuban and his partner did a riff on I Dream of Jeannie for Dancing With the Stars, TV shows produced spin-offs with frightening regularity. I think All in the Family holds the record with a half dozen or so spin-offs, and spin-offs of spin-offs.

Come to think of it, they still are. CSI and Law & Order are two of the strongest franchises on TV, and Private Practice is doing well so far as the daughter of Grey’s Anatomy.

Anyway, I am wondering whether Fox is priming drama House for a spin-off. It would make sense given that the show is one of the top five-rated shows on TV and has attracted a large and loyal fan base for its take on the forensic craze, in this case with the people still alive.

This season’s initial episodes have dealt with House trying to pick a new team, but his old team seems to be gravitating back to the show, and some or all of the new doctors could be spun off to another hospital under one of the three jettisoned first-season team members. It seems to be a no-brainer, and better than throwing another reality competition on in the middle of the year.

If Fox could whip up a spin-off by midseason, it could start January with Idol, House and House Jr.

Just a thought.