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Hotel Babylon: BBC America

"Hotel Babylon supplies an attractive cast, a cheeky attitude and just enough depth to keep you coming back for more." (Chicago Tribune)"Hotel Babylon is willfully bright and sexy–like the Parker’s décor, it updates a ’70s sensibility–but also has a nice eye for detail, good minor characters and well-flowing dialogue."(Los Angeles Times)"Even when the guests and plots falter, the regular cast keeps the hour in painless motion."(USA Today)"Light and breezy, Hotel Babylon is a fairly simple conceit, built around the employees at a high-class London hotel and the guests they serve."(Variety)" At blending comedy and drama and presenting freshly drawn characters, though, Hotel Babylon has a lot to learn from the likes of "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey’s Anatomy." As a hotel, and as a TV series, put it at less than three stars."(New York Daily News)"British reviewers pegged Hotel Babylon correctly when they called it flashy, trashy, cheeky, frothy and "like a perfectly executed souffle."(Hollywood Reporter)"A high-gloss series with production values just as significant as what we see on American TV, it’s worth checking into Hotel Babylon if you’re seeking a respite from reality–TV shows or otherwise."(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd