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Hold the Nuts: 'Jericho’ Fan Vows to Fight On

Shaun Daily may have lost the battle for


, CBS’ twice-canceled post-nuclear-war drama, but he hasn’t conceded the larger war for quality TV.

Daily, you may recall, is the talk-radio host who inspired legions of


fans to protest the show’s first cancellation, in May 2007, by deluging CBS with shipments of nuts. The network agreed to resurrect it for a seven-episode run that ended last week, but dismal ratings sealed its fate.

Reached Wednesday in Las Vegas, where he hosts Shaun OMac Radio on Web radio network BlogTalkRadio, Daily says he’ll fight on for his favorite show. But this time, he’s called for a less-aggressive campaign of sending postcards to CBS Paramount Network Television to urge the studio to find a new home for the series.

(Jericho Co-Executive Producer Carol Barbee is hopeful: Last week on Daily’s program, she told a caller that a cost-sharing deal with cable giant Comcast has been floated, as well as the possibility of a feature or TV film.)

But Daily says “the Jericho battle was not just for the show but for all scripted television,” a rejection of “more Law & Order spinoffs and bug-eating reality shows.”

Obviously he’s not alone, he adds. His audience has quintupled, to 5,000 listeners a day (live and download), since launching in October 2006. And to his amazement, he was recently contacted by an Iranian news service to talk about Jericho.

Says Daily: “I guess they like the idea of nuking the U.S.”