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Hogan's a Hero On Twitter

As I’d anticipated (and hoped), I got a bushel of responses from local television people about the station-people-Twittering story I did in the new issue. One person on our Top Ten list, WTNH New Haven’s Ann Nyberg, even went and dug up photos for the ten station Twitter-ers we’d listed on her blog. 

As I’d also anticipated, most of the letter-writers offered up names of Twitter people (uh, Tweeps, in modern parlance) with giant followings that were not included in my story.

We had Amy Wood of WSPA Spartanburg at the top of the charts with her 13,000 followers, but Jenni Hogan of KIRO Seattle now wears the crown by virtue of her nearly 17,000 followers–and almost 11,000 tweets.

Jenni Hogan hulks over the Twitter competition.

So enmeshed in the Twitter world is Hogan that she’s even got a handle for her newborn, @lilpookette. (Recent tweet: Mummy keeps calling everything TT-time, I’m confused… tummy time, titty time, toilet time… too many T’s mum, switch it up please.)

Others who totally deserve a mention include Hogan’s KIRO mate Julie Francavilla (5,345 followers), the KTVK Phoenix duo Carey Pena (6,463 followers) and Beverly Kidd (6,052), and WCCO Minneapolis’ Jason DeRusha (5,314 followers).

Of course, simply having loads of followers and/or shooting out thousands of tweets doesn’t necessarily make one a Twitter star. Writes Ann Nyberg on her blog:

“I think the key is not having huge numbers but the kind of people we are following and those following us. When I follow someone it’s because they are smart and they are giving out information, whether it be in an emergency (earthquake, amber alert, those kinds of things) or whether they are giving me information that I think others would want to know about and are worthy of retweets.”

Well said.