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Hey Network Execs, Save My Show!

While fans of NBC’s Chuck (and even Chuck himself) are hungrily chomping down on Subway foot-longs in an attempt to save the well-received but low-rated show from extinction, dedicated fans of other shows on the brink are working the Web trying to ramp up populist support to keep their favorites from going the way of Joey.

Chuck fans are hoping to follow the lead of Shaun Daily, the talk-radio host who drove fans of CBS’ Jericho to send 8 million peanuts to the network. CBS agreed to bring the cancelled program back (though ratings continued to be dismal and the show was gone shortly thereafter).Fans of Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tried to drum up Save Sarah support with an online petition but only garnered 113 signatures out of a 2500 name goal.  [Editorial Note: Thanks to our readers for pointing out there are actually a number of Save Terminator petitions online, two of which have accumulated more than 17,000 signatures each.]

Dollhouse fans had an inkling the show was going to be in trouble even before it hit the air. formed a spin-off blog this month that includes an open letter to Fox asking that the network think of the fan base which “may be small, [but] they are strong in spirit.”

In addition to Chuck at NBC, Medium and cop drama Life are both on the bubble. Not all three are likely to survive, especially given NBC’s plan to move Jay Leno to 10 p.m. on weeknights, taking out five hours of possible scripted programming.

At ABC, new shows Better Off Ted, The Unusuals, and Castle are all on the bubble.

A number of CBS’ procedurals appear in jeopardy of not retuning including Cold Case and Without A Trace. While both shows draw high audience numbers, the network is considering axing one of the two due to high production costs. Freshman drama Eleventh Hour is also endangered along with Numbers and The Unit.

But who has been drumming up the most support? Every year E! Online runs the Save One Show contest in which visitors vote on which show they most want to see return. Of all the endangered shows, the five that survived the first round of voting are Chuck, Dollhouse, Life, Privileged, and Terminator. And the battle is getting a little testy.

One fan of Chuck commenting on the E! page sent out a message saying that fans of Terminator were cheating. A fan of TSCC (shorthand for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles for those in the know) jabbed right back, saying Terminator was edging forward in the poll not because of robots or malware, but purely out of the time-tested efficiency of people having nothing else to do: “TSCC fans are not cheating…some of us simply sit here and vote by hand, hundreds of times a day.”

What shows on the brink can you not do without? Get in on the discussion with BC Beat on Twitter or post a comment below.