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Heightened Interest in Weather Talent Report Cards

Similar to the Denver Post’s new Weather-O-Meter feature, theEl Paso Times is pushing for report cards to gauge how well the local weather anchors are doing.

"Yes, we can do something about the weather," writes Joe Meunch. ‘"We can make TV weather segments more interesting. Have statisticians keep each weatherperson’s accuracy stats. Flash them on screen, just like a baseball player’s batting average when he steps to the plate."

Meunch is indeed a fan of America’s Pastime. (That’s baseball, not bashing the local weather man.)

"I’m thinking you’re pretty good if your overall average is within 2 or 3 degrees on a high or a low," he writes. "If your average stays at 5 degrees off, well, it’s time you get sent back to the minors, like Midland or Abilene.

"There would be team standings for TV stations. There could be all-star teams. There could be rookie of the year."