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Hall of Fame: A For Attention

One lasting image I have from last night’s B&C Hall of Fame banquet was Debbie Marrone, wife of our deceased co-worker/pal John Higgins, intently reading the evening’s booklet as the banquet progressed. As each inductee was called to the stage to accept their award and say a few words, Debbie would find their page in the book and read their bio.

Most everyone in attendance was there to support a co-worker or loved one; as the rest of the 2007 class took their turn, many would click on their Blackberrys, chat with tablemates or head to the bar. But Debbie, who was beaming as the likes of B&C editor Mark Robichaux and MTV Networks CEO Judy McGrath saluted Higgins, seemed genuinely interested in each inductee–where they came from, how they rose to the top of their profession, what the industry means to them. 

I thought that was pretty cool.