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'Grey' Matter

Did the issue of invective-spewing cast member Isaiah Washington have Ellen Pompeo frazzled at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night?  Claiming the award for best ensemble, drama, with the rest of her castmates, minus Washington, Pompeo (who plays Grey) was visibly nervous. She breathlessly cited those that couldn’t be there, including Kate Walsh, who plays Addison, who happened to be standing right behind here. She apologized and named Kate Burton instead.

Pompeo then went on, and I quote: “Um…um…help me…uh…uh…,” before someone behind her (I think it was Walsh) whispered “Isaiah Washington.” Pompeo then perkily blurted “Isaiah Washington!” like he was the answer on Wheel of Fortune.

GoogTube’s got it here. See for yourself, it was weird.

And it was funny to see the cast of The Office, winners of best ensemble, comedy, with big smiles on their faces. Viewers never get to see the likes of Angela, Toby or Stanley smiling, since the boss Michael always has them in such an advanced state of irritation.

By Michael Malone