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The Greening Continues at NBCU

Paging Al Gore…NBCU’s “Green is Universal” campaign starts up its annual Earth Week programming initiative today (Apr. 19). The push features green-themed content from more than 40 different NBCU shows and brands across the company’s various broadcast and cable entities.

Green-themed programming is on tap over at Bravo to kick off the week, with three back-to-back Project Runway episodes Monday afternoon including a show in which designers are led to a Waste Management recycling plant in northern New Jersey to design clothes out of recycled products. On CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Kramer will feature stock profiles on green companies and talk with their CEOs.

On the broadcast network, Anne Thompson offers up a Nightly News report from Dimrock, Penn., where some families’ well water has been fouled by fuel spills due to hyrdofracking, the blasting of millions of gallons of water into rocks to tap natural gas reserves.

For lighter evening fare, Tori Spelling and family are expanding their organic garden tonight on Oxygen’s Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood.

NBCU is also the official media partner for Christie’s inaugural “A Bid to Save the Earth” green auction, which raises awareness and money for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceana, Conservation International and the Central Park Conservancy.

The company has a number of volunteer events taking place during the week, like tree planting and park beautification, which will take place in cities all around the country.

The “Green is Universal” team took reporters on a green tour of 30 Rock last week to outline some of the everyday green initiatives various shows are choosing to take on. For example, Saturday Night Live is in the practice of making cue cards out of recycled paper and MSNBC staffers are using non-disposable coffee mugs.

Jimmy Fallon met with reporters on the set of Late Night to talk about his show’s green awareness. Behind him, seminal ‘70s-‘80s ska revival band the Specials were setting up as the show’s musical guests. “A band from the ‘80s,” Fallon said. “So yeah, we’re really recycling.”

“This green week we’re gonna be off,” he added. “Which is really green.”

So maybe it doesn’t offset the environmental costs of sending 138 trucks and 1400 staffers to Vancouver two months ago but hey, it’s a start.

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