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Grand Rapids Stations Blanket Dantzler Shootings

Big news out of DMA No. 41 following a shooting spree that left seven dead in Grand Rapids, as well as the shooter, Rodrick Dantzler.

LIN’s WOOD has some compelling car chase aerial footage, which includes Dantzler’s getaway car with smoke pouring out of it as he drives the wrong way down the highway, just before he burst into a home and took hostages.

“This is an extraordinarily dangerous situation,” says reporter Rick Albin.

The confusion of live television is evident at times in the clip, as Albin and his colleagues struggle to find Dantzler’s car amidst the various video feeds and highway mayhem. “Right now, I tell ya–we’re flying blind,” he admits.

WOOD, an NBC affiliate, will air a special called Shooting Rampage: Standing Strong on the killings tonight at 8.

Stations streamed the police press conference online at noon today, and are using their websites to pass along timely info.

“The events of yesterday has shaken our community to its roots,” said Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell, “and they test our will under fire.”Freedom’s WWMT site leads with MASS MURDERS and identifies the names of the victims.Gannett’s WZZM features a Detroit Free Press story that links to a police scanner that offered real-time updates of the shooting situation. Twitter users helped spread the word about the scanner.On the scanner, hushed voices could be heard of officers who had worked themselves into the home, where Dantzler had barricaded himself in a bedroom.As officers entered the garage: “Be careful, he’s right above you guys.”Later, a heads-up that the suspect was “rarely on his feet.” Mostly crawling.“So crazy to hear whispers of police inside the house, down the hall,” said Twitter user Neely Adkins. Tribune’s WXMI site shows school superintendent Bernard Taylor reflecting on the death of 5th grader Marissa Emkens in the shooting.“Marissa was an outstanding student and dynamic young lady who had such a positive impact on the students, staff, parents, and volunteers at North Park,” reads his statement.