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Good Sport

Good for Senator Hillary Clinton.

That is not a political endorsement, but I hope her appearance on Saturday Night Live has put to rest that tempest in a teapot about Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama impression on Saturday Night Live.

He is not black and the fact that he had to wear makeup to appear darker drew wagging fingers. Barack Obama has called this the "silly season" in politics, which I would apply to the flap over Armisen.

I don’t remember Billy Crystal getting too much flack over his Sammy Davis Jr. impression because, like Armisen’s, it was excellent and in the spirit of spot-on parody.

By appearing in a cameo after this week’s SNL Obama-Clinton debate send-up, Clinton added an official imprimatur on it, though Obama’s appearance would have been even better.

And she didn’t hurt her effort to soften the edges some on her public image. The sort of thing that Al Gore should have done, but didn’t.

I don’t know who will will win the nomination, but Clinton won some points Saturday night for good sportsmanship and canny politics.