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Good Morning, and Good Luck

So, having backed an entertainment take on tough CBS investigative journalism of yesteryear in his critically acclaimed theatrical take on Edward R. Murrow, Good Night, and Good Luck, HD czar and all around rich guy Mark Cuban will look to create some of his own through ex-CBS newsman Dan Rather.

Rather is apparently getting an investigative journalist's dream job from a dream boss, a "do what you want to" mandate from a socially conscious, fabulously wealthy, guy who is looking to rattle some cages and get to the bottom of stuff. And all in beautiful widescreen HDTV.

Calling it unprecedented, Rather said he will have complete, total, unfettered editorial control.

He pledes to get beyond the sound bite and spin, which is what I would expect him to say, and being Dan Rather, what I would expect him to do, though not beyond the occasional colorful sound bite, I hope.

Without those, life would be as empty as a neutered possum's pouch.

By John Eggerton