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The Golden Globes: God Bless America

Is it me or does the Golden Globes always seem like a really good time? No stuffy stadium seating, bottles of cold champagne on the tables, lots of casual conversations and no loud orchestra interrupting the acceptance speeches? Sign me up.

Watching the broadcast on NBC has been without incident thus far.  No technical glitches, no trips up the stairs, a limited amount of FCC-unfriendly language (Tom Hanks saying Beatty has "balls", a few damns and hells, predictably, from the Brits, and they actually bleeped out the word "god" from a clip of Reds, bizarrely) and, until America Ferrera's acceptance speech, there had been little tears.

I saw America Ferrera for the first time in HBO's Real Women Have Curves, and wondered where a brave actress (the scene where she undresses as she steams dresses comes to mind) like this would end up next–if anywhere. But Ugly Betty has proved a good home. And the show is clearly the big winner thus far–with awards and the crowd–and the squealing and giggling when the show itself one a few award back was evidence of that.  And the charming Ms. Ferrera–and her moving speech– is likely to be the evening favorite. Or Jennifer Hudson for her win for for DreamGirls. Or, my personal favorite, the humble Forest Whittaker.

By Caroline Palmer