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The Golden Girls

I probably just missed it while streaming the medal ceremony in women’s shooting, but I have not seen the big-headline story about how, in sport after sport, the U.S. women are coming through big time at this Olympics compared to the men. Or as one former gymnast put it. Title 9 delivers.

I know, Michael Phelps has been the big media story at these games, and understandably so. And how about those Brits? But the U.S. women’s swimming team as a group have had their best showing in almost three decades with world records aplenty and the teenagers taking the podium in numbers too big to ignore.

In tennis, the men won a gold, Serena got two. In gymnastics the women got the team and the individual golds and the men, well, didn’t. In shooting, rowing, soccer, cycling, judo, beach volleyball, water polo, the women are out-delivering the men.

There wasn’t even a U.S. man in the 400 meters final in track and field, while the women took the gold. The men haven’t pole vaulted yet, but they will have to get the gold to match the women.

Gotta run, the women are playing for gold in water polo.

PS: Are those announcers saying that the basketball games are being played at the “Marshmallow”?