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'Glee' Bigger Than The Beatles

In 1966, John Lennon declared the Beatles to be “bigger than Jesus,” but today Fox’s Glee is bigger than the Beatles.Just a few episodes into the Fox series’ second season, the musical comedy phenoms have knocked the Fab Four out of the top spot for most most titles on the Billboard Hot 100 by a non-solo act, trumping their 71 with a record 75, according to Fox.

Given that the cast covers tracks from original chart-toppers like Madonna, Queen and most recently, Britney Spears, it’s no surprise that six new Glee entries were added to the chart this week alone.

But before you’re done cringing, music snobs, there’s more– the Glee cast also makes the third-most appearances on the Billboard charts among all acts (since the launch of Billboard Hot 100 in 1958), just below Elvis Presley and James Brown.

Cringe-worthy or squeal-worthy, there’s no denying that Glee’s musical success is impressive–all the more so in an industry still reeling from the blows of piracy: Since its debut, Glee has sold 11.5 million downloads and 2.8 million albums.

Given this latest triumph, one can’t help but wonder if a Beatles or Lennon tribute is in store for this season. Imagine all the people, singing three-part harmonies…