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Gergen Keeps Me Coming Back to CNN

Essentially wedded to CNN coverage of the Iowa caucuses Tuesday night by reception troubles on other cable news channels on my cable system-and pixilated coverage of the Sugar Bowl– I was reminded why I often gravitate to that channel anyway come election night. No, it is not political, or even my fondness for the fleet fingers of John King and his magic graphics manipulation. It is instead for the insights of David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN.

Gergen has been a top counselor to both Democratic and Republican presidents, but has found his calling calling elections.

Amidst the obvious and admitted, and not so obvious or admitted biases of many of the regular round of talking heads on cable news come election night, Gergen has always struck me as particularly even-handed and thoughtful.

Gergen pointed out Tuesday that Iowa is mostly about the “media interpretation game” of how the contenders finish, given that there are so few votes in play in the caucuses.

My media interpretation of the talking-head contenders in the campaign is that Gergen’s is head and shoulders above the pack.