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'General' Interest

Congratulations, we think, to William Fisher, a.k.a. Fishbashr1, who appears to have won the eBay auction for John Schneider's '69 Dodge Charger, better known as the General Lee of Dukes of Hazzard fame. Fisher, a self-described former Marine who trafficks in collector knives and automobiles, topped all comers with his $9,900,500 bid.

Unless we've been duped like Roscoe P. Coltrane in hot pursuit of the Duke boys, John Schneider, who of course played Bo Duke on Dukes, appears to have a whole trove of Dukes memorabilia for sale. That includes the "Behind the Scenes With Bo" DVD ($39.95) and the General Lee Can Coolie (a beer cozy, in these parts) for $7.99. Buyers appear to have had good experiences with Scheider. "Heck it's Bo Duke he's the most honest guy in all of Hazard county!" gushes one.

Sounds like Schneider made a nice little profit on the Lee. Though, as a friend notes, the $9.9 million might be confederate money.