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Franken Campaign Seeks Birthday Bucks

Today (May 21) is the 58th birthday of former Saturday Night Live writer/performer Al Franken, a fact getting some Web attention Thursday because of an e-mail contribution solicitation from the Franken campaign.Incumbent Republican Norm Coleman continues to battle in court for the Senate seat Franken won in a recounted, hotly contested squeaker of a race last November.

A letter from Franken’s daughter, Thomasin, was e-mailed by the campaign Thursday seeking donations pegged to Franken’s big day, asking for a contribution of $58 in an effort to “help my dad defend the victory we achieved together.”

When Coleman failed to get the results of a recount overturned, he appealed that decision to the Minnesota Supreme Court, a court fight the Franken campaign calls an “incredibly expensive” effort. The campaign has sent out numerous e-mail solicitations to help defray the cost of the fight.

Thomasin Franken used the same technique to raise money for the initial campaign last year, raising over $20,000 milion in $57 contributions, according to her e-mail.

When/if Al Franken is finally sworn in, the Democrats could have a veto-proof majority, at least on some issues, combining elected Senate Democrats with party-switcher Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and independents Joe Lieberman (Conn.) and Bernie Sanders (VT), who caucus with the Dems.