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Fox's New Friends

Fox News Channel was the target of a Democratic candidate boycott last year after it deigned to sponsor a debate between Democrats as well as the Republicans whose water it is always accused of carrying.

The debate had to be cancelled.

Whatever concerns those candidates, led by John Edwards, had about getting blindsided or roughed up, I thought at the time that it left the impression that the candidates couldn’t stand the heat.

Like it or not, and a lot of Democrats are in the "not" category, Fox News Channel is a ratings force to be reckoned with, as well as a place to be seen in a suudenly tight Democratic presidential race oif the dual front-runners are any indication.

Hardly had Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a chance to recoup from a night that saw the actual voters snatch Obama’s defeat from the jaws of a poll-driven, media-whipped-up victory, when both were appearing on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, apparently not concerned that the hosts would reduce them to tears of that Fox graphics wizards might add horns and a tail, or cartoon balloons with mocking comments. 

Just to see who would show up, maybe Fox should quickly add a Democratic debate to its lineup, not that there haven’t already been more debates and forums than the most dyed-(blue or red)-in-the-wool political junkies could hope for.

By-the-by, was Clinton’s victory the result of polls that were wrong all along, or of polls that generated a media wet kiss for Obama that, in turn, produced a backlash by the New Englanders who hadn’t yet voted, thank you very much. Or was the independent vote sufficiently split between Obama and McCain.

After last night, your guess is probably better than mine.