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Fox Registers Conan O'Brien Website, Twitter Page

UPDATE BELOW: It is likely a hoax.

Did someone at Fox jump the gun on Conan’s latenight availability?

20th Century Fox has registered, and has secured a Twitter feed at The news was first reported by TMZ Tuesday afternoon (Jan 19). A Whois search reveals that the intellectual property department of Fox registered the domain, which currently forwards visitors to the Twitter page.

So far the Twitter feed has just one, very cryptic tweet: “”Triumph means many things to many different people”- SoSH. Stay tuned.”

With Conan O’Brien expected to announce his departure from The Tonight Show after just seven months this week, rumors abound as to where the comic would end up.

Fox has widely been viewed as the frontrunner, but there are major issues to overcome with its affiliates, and the company cannot even formally begin discussions with O’Brien until after he is let out of his contract with NBC. Those problems make the domain purchase all the more strange.

UPDATE: I am leaning towards “fake.” While the Whois search says the site is registered to Fox, and gives the correct address, the site is not hooked up to a Fox server but rather to a weird, sketchy website. It is also possible to fake a Whois registration, though that would get whoever did it in serious trouble with Fox’s attorneys. Also, the Twitter feed has been sending out sketchy tweets. Again, Fox cannot even legally talk to Conan O’Brien until he leaves NBC.

If I were a betting man, my money would be on hoax.

 UPDATE 2: Yep, this just came across the Twitter feed: “Seriously people, look how easy it is to create a fake Conan on Fox twitter account!”