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Former WMAQ Reporter: "Swimsuit to Lawsuit"

Former WMAQ Chicago reporter Amy Jacobson is seeking over $1 million in damages from rival WBBM, reports the Chicago Tribune, stemming from swimsuit video of her that ran on the air

Reports Phil Rosenthal:
Jacobson’s suit, which states "some would say" she was "the best in the business" before the July 5, 2007, incident was recorded by Channel 2, alleges the station never should have shot the video, should never have aired it and should not have edited it the way it did.

The suit asserts Channel 2 portrayed her as "an adulteress and disreputable reporter" and said the station leaked word of the tape to newspapers, leading to published reports it used to justify airing the video.

It was a year ago this week that Jacobson was filmed swimming with her children in a pool belonging to Craig Stebic, whose wife had vanished two months before, and remains missing. (The Stebics had recently divorced and Jacobson had been covering the wife’s disappearance.) The clip aired on WBBM, which shot it from a neighbor’s yard. 

Jacobson said the video caused her "enormous public humiliation and disgrace," not to mention costing her her job at WMAQ as well.