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Flight of the Conchords:HBO Sunday 10:30

“"Flight" is pretty much a snooze until the music starts, at which point the show kicks up into something quite weird and occasionally wonderful.” (Variety)“You should be there on Sunday night to see the premiere of something new and hilarious, and completely different.” (New York Post)“The charms of this series are subtle, but only grow over the course of the first few episodes.” (Chicago Tribune)““Flight of the Conchords” is cockeyed and a lot of fun. To say much more might ruin it.” (New York Magazine)“The comedy find of the year.” (Star Magazine)“TV’s most original and irresistible new comic concoction.” (Detroit Free Press)“"Flight of the Conchords" may well be the funniest thing you’ve seen in ages and — at least for a half hour — answers the question of whether HBO has any good shows left” (San Francisco Chronicle)““Flight of the Conchords” is funny in such an understated way that it is almost dangerous to make too much of it.” (New York Times)“The guys are so polite and harmless that it’s hard to dislike them even when they repeat themselves in such a short span.” (Newark Star-Ledger)“Its two leads, the New Zealand music-comedy duo of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, are deadpan and clever but so cloyingly doofy that they’re not only tough to root for but difficult to watch for extended periods as well.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd