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Fired Up Over the Intersection of Web and TV

As is often the case, there’s a lively debate on the intersection/interaction/overlap of TV and the Web over at The exchange of opinions stems from a post about Brian Stelter’s NY Times story from today about syndicated Web programming hitting station sites.

Says one commenter: Local TV stations I know don’t really create any local content outside of the newscasts and perhaps a public affairs program. Certainly nothing creative, nothing truly original, nothing compelling. Their network fare is the compelling stuff. So even if they went video-heavy on their sites, what would you get? The only video that would make sense would be content from the networks…

Says another: If local stations could simulcast their network programming and syndies and local news and all the 30 second spots in between they might have a chance to transition their local audiences to their online websites. Right now they don’t have a compelling product for advertisers or viewers. Streaming random “used programming” from their websites will end up just sucking up bandwidth.