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FCC's Adelstein Will Join Dems in Denver

If FCC watchers were to vote on which of the five commissioners they consider “Most Likely to Attend a Nominating Convention,” it’s a good bet the answer would be Democrat Jonathan Adelstein.

Sure enough, at presstime Adelstein was the only commissioner planning to join his fellow party members in rallying around their chosen candidate.

Adelstein, an Obama supporter who attended a fundraiser for the presumptive Democratic nominee a few weeks back, is planning to be at the Democratic confab in Denver this week. An aide says he’ll pay his own way. He’s also slated to speak on media issues at a symposium sponsored by Common Cause Colorado.

Asked if fellow Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps would accompany Adelstein, an aide to Copps answered “Nope,” without elaboration.

On the fence, and on the other side of the aisle, was Deborah Taylor Tate: Her assistant said last week that her schedule was tight and her plans still undetermined.

Republican Robert McDowell is not planning to attend, said a staffer.

Which leaves Chairman Kevin Martin, whose spokesfolk didn’t know at presstime if he would join the elephant stampede to next month’s GOP convention in St. Paul.