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Fates and Fortunes Getting Up Close and Personal

Over the past two weeks, you might have noticed some changes here at B&C’s Fates and Fortunes blog. Fates is a long-running brand for B&C, and it’s been the place in the magazine and on the Web site where we posted job changes, promotions and the like.

That’s interesting information, but that’s all that has gone on here. Over many years of reporting on the TV business, I’ve found most of my favorite interviews verge into the personal. This is because a) I’m chatty and b) I’m nosy, but I’ve  learned a lot of cool things about this industry’s many dynamic people over the years.

Because we’re all busy focusing on the business of television, that personal information rarely finds its way into print. I think it should. There are plenty of people in this industry who are spending their free time pursuing their passions – whether that be riding their bikes across the country, writing novels, cooking gourmet feasts, growing gardens, running marathons, collecting art or devoting their time to charity.

So, if you or someone you know has a personal story that you think really needs to be told, let me know in any of the following ways: send an email to, Tweet me @PaigeA on Twitter, find me on Facebook or just leave a comment here.

But Fates won’t be all about people’s pursuits and passions. I’ll also be talking about other career-related items here: promotions, layoffs, complete career changes. If I come upon any great articles or books with salient career advice, I’ll post that here too. In this economy, there’s plenty to talk about.

Think of Fates as the TV biz’s hometown newspaper. B&C will cover all the big news, while I’ll be covering stories that are perhaps less urgent, but that bring us together as a community.  Those are the kinds of stories I often find fascinating. I hope that’s your experience too.