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The Expanding Programmatic Tool Kit

When B&C published a lengthy special report on November 10th on programmatic advertising we knew that we were not only addressing one of the hottest topics in the ad business. It is also a topic that our business editor Jon Lafayette very accurately described as a “confusing buzzword” for many in the TV business.

Much of that can be traced to the fact a host of different technologies are being deployed in very different ways in different media. To help address some of the confusion, I spent over a month putting together an extensive list of ad tech companies with programmatic offerings for the November special report.

That listing has generated a lot of very positive feedback as a resource for those hoping to get a better grip on the range of technologies currently available. But we never intended it to be either comprehensive or the final word on this very rapidly moving sector. There are, after all, scores, if not hundreds, of ad tech companies involved in one way or another in programmatic advertising.

So, as part of our ongoing coverage of this space, I’ve started adding additional companies to the list. We hope the updates will be helpful and look forward to hearing from any of you about new companies or products we might consider including.