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Everynight Football

First there was Monday Night Football, then the occasional Thursday Night Football, though that was actually tabbed Monday Night Football on Thursday night or something like that.

Clearly, the MNF brand was valuable enough to risk ridicule for a Thursday game so named. Then there was Sunday Night Football on ESPN and soon-to-be on NBC.

Now there is Saturday Night Football-in this case college–on ABC.

I don't blame ABC for wanting to retain the "fill-in-the-blank Night Football" brand in the immediate family, nor do I blame NBC for SNF-ing its Sunday game, too. NBC says the brand differentiation will come in its veteran broadcast team of Al Michaels and John Madden, though viewers could be forgiven some confusion there, since last year they were the MNF announcers.

I am going to have to put a little "c" next to the ABC college game if they use the SNF abreviation, too.

The NFL Network now has some actual regular season football games on its schedule. I hope they can come up with some other name for it.

By John Eggerton