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At the Emmys: Theater-in-the Round and Ryan Seacrest's Really Skinny Tie

So things are different this year, Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich tells us in the studio audience before the show. Being this NY-based reporter’s first Emmys, I have little basis for comparison. But I will say the whole in-the-round presentation style at the Shrine is kinda weird. There’s no stage–the set-up’s like…one of those joust restaurant places. Hmm. 

Anyway, the show’s on Fox this year and, um, Ryan Seacrest’s tie is really narrow. And he’s like fake-flirting with Teri Hatcher. Cute.

Jeremy Piven takes home the comedy supporting actor award. Like his ego needs it. Terry O’Quinn wins supporting actor, drama. Yo, weird–they played last-during the commercial? They played year’s opening film montage from when Conan hosted–the one shot to look like he was walking through the nominated shows. Guess they thought it was hilarious enough to show people again? Also? Can the TV viewers see these very cheesy disco balls above the stage? I’d guess they were lit up with nominated shows’ names, but the one on the right only says The Sopranos–is that like paid marketing from HBO? Random. Anyway, Jamie-Lee Pressly gets supporting actress, comedy. She’s tan. And cries. And Thomas Hayden Church wins miniseries/movie actor for AMC’s Broken Trail. Omg. He’s crying too.

By Anne Becker