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Emmys Set The Blogs Ablaze: Part One

The Emmys! As far as meta television events go, few draw as much adoration and scorn as the annual ATAS lovefest.

B&C scoured the web to find out what the critics and blogs are saying about this year’s crop of nominees. Here is our first installment:

Jace Lacob: Televisionary Blog

Best actor in a comedy series

“I’m blown away by the fact that Jemaine Clement managed to get a nomination and I almost want Clement to win, just so I can watch what would be a fairly surreal and hysterical acceptance speech. Just… wow. Never would have imagined this. Love that Jim Parsons got nominated and his reaction on the nomination telecast this morning was priceless. The rest of the category is pretty predictable (cough, Tony Shalhoub, cough) but I’m once again putting my money on 30 Rock’s incomparable Alec Baldwin. It’s what Jack Donaghy would do, after all.”

Outstanding writing in a drama series

“Hmm, something tells me that Mad Men is going to win this category. I thought that Cuse and Lindelof’s work on Lost’s “The Incident” was great but I don’t think it will be enough to defeat a one-two (sorry, make that four) punch from the Mad Men writing staff.”

James Poniewozik- Time Magazine

Outstanding comedy series

“I’m torn between wanting to applaud the Emmys for recognizing that an animated show can compete for Best Comedy, and slamming it for making Family Guy that show.

There’s no reason in a just world that it should get an honor that The Simpsons, King of the Hill or South Park-among others-never did. But then, you could say the same of The Flintstones, the last such nominee, almost 50 years ago. Hopefully we won’t have to wait 50 years for the next one.”
Actor in a drama series

“Simon Baker did get a first-time nomination for The Mentalist. And although the show itself doesn’t exactly push any creative boundaries, it’s a good choice: this show really lives and dies on his sly, alluring performance.”
Mo Ryan- Chicago Tribune

Actor in a comedy series

“It’s weird to see Steve Martin nominated as a guest actor for his “30 Rock” episode, given that his outing was one of the weakest episodes of the season. But the Emmys, as we know from the past, revolve almost entirely around name recognition. Sigh. However Justin Timberlake’s guest comedy actor nomination for various “Saturday Night Live” roles was spot-on.”

Battlestar Galactica, et al.

“The lack of nominations for “Battlestar Galactica” in various categories is killing me, but are you telling me that Bear McCreary didn’t get a nomination for his amazing score for that show? Gahhhhhhhh!”

“OK, “Battlestar” did get a few technical nominations (all of them deserved) and the “Face of the Enemy” Webisodes also got a nomination for “short-format live-action entertainment programs,” as did “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” (It’s a battle for Whedonites to relish: Jane Espenson, the writer of “Face of the Enemy,” is up against Joss Whedon, with whom she used to work on “Buffy”). Weirdly, those two worthy projects are up against Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Uh, what? This is a seriously weird category. Well, anyway, I’m glad to see yet another nomination for a Neil Patrick Harris project as well as a nod for Felix Gaeta’s Troubling Vacation Memories.”

Daniel Fienberg- Hit Fix Blog

On expanding the nominees

“The Television Academy chose the right year to expand the fields in most categories to six nominees. Because last year’s Emmys honored so few departing shows, there was almost no attrition in most of the major categories. That meant that there was a very real possibility that the Emmys could have become an echo chamber of entrenched nominees. Because of the extra nod, nearly every category this year had room for at least one or two oddball or out-of-left-field nomination.

Seven nods? What do the Emmys think they are? The Oscars?!? The swell to seven allowed for quirky newbie nominees like “Flight of the Conchords,” “Family Guy” and “How I Met Your Mother” on the comedy side and “Big Love” and “Breaking Bad” for drama.”

Jarett Wieselman-NY Post


“As for shocking omissions, how’s this: Jeremy Piven, snubbed! Katherine Heigl, snubbed! “Friday Night Lights,” bent over a table and made the academy’s bitch. Again. Le sigh.”

Outstanding comedy series

“The disappointment that is the “Weeds” nomination is totally overshadowed by the recognition “Family Guy,” “Flight of the Concords” and “How I Met Your Mother” received. I could not be any happier if the academy honored the hilarity that ensued on the VHS tape of my grandfather’s 86th birthday dinner.”

David Hinckley-NY Daily News

Reality shows

“Since the Emmys can’t ignore the growing presence of “reality” shows, for instance, Ryan Seacrest is nominated as “best host” - when his job, which he does very well, is simply to keep the bus rolling.

On the other hand, a show like Gordon Ramsay and “Hell’s Kitchen” again got no nominations. If Emmy voters acknowledged why people actually watch “reality” shows, “Hell’s Kitchen” is exactly the kind of action they’re looking for, and Ramsay does it superbly.

Similarly, Tim Gunn is the Cadillac of fashion-show hosts, but got no nominations.

But whoever wins the major prizes this year, there’s a big hole where “The Shield” and Michael Chiklis should have been.”