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Emmys: Jeff Probst Wins Best Reality Host, Wants to Forget Being '08 Emmys Host

Jeff Probst, who won an Emmy for best reality host, once-again, grudgingly addressed the disaster that was last year’s five-person Emmys hosting job.

“Five people hosting a show is not a good idea. It was just a failure. I couldn’t be happier for Neil Patrick Harris. That is how you host a show. That’s the kind of guy you want on there.”

He also touched on reality series Amazing Race winning the Emmy for best reality competition program seven years in a row.

“They’ve got it locked in. You can’t argue against Race. It’s well-produced. [It] travels all over the world. Amazing Race should do we what Oprah did and just pull out.”

When asked which Survivor location he would send Kanye West to, Probst said, “Kanye could do a couple weeks in Tocantins, Brazil. It’s probably the worst place we’ve ever been.”