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E!, Diddy: Drink (Cîroc) Responsibly

For the second year, E! is partnering with rap impresario Sean “Diddy” Combs on a public affairs campaign to help prevent drunk driving.

To promote responsible imbibing, Diddy is leveraging not only his celebrity but his own brand of vodka, Cîroc, which he partly owns.

The campaign provides info on finding taxi services across the country, with online and wireless components to help connect tipsy viewers with a ride home.

Celebrities on board the campaign include Tom Green, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Kendra Wilkinson and Kat Von D. Special guests will include Kathy Griffin, Tom Bergeron and Carmen Electra.

“E! loves a good party, but we also want to make sure our viewers have the resources they need to be safe,” said Suzanne Kolb, Chief Marketing Officer, E! Entertainment and The Style Network.

Diddy, in his typically low-key style, expressed enthusiasm, both for the campaign and his spirit of choice.

“As the official vodka of summer, Cîroc wanted to make sure people were being safe when enjoying my favorite drink, Cîroc and Lemonade,” Combs said in a statement. “Cîroc and I worked with E! to show people how to celebrate life responsibly.”

Note to self: Do not drive after a Cîroc and Lemonade. (Jack and Coke, on the other hand? Where are my keys!)

While I mock, the message of the campaign is a good one. Here in New York City we may not normally drive to the bar or club, but for many (if not most) of E!’s viewers, the message will likely resonate.

So next time you and your friends are out enjoying the official vodka of summer, ask yourselves, “What Would Diddy do?” and let your chauffeur drive the Escalade.