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Drinking? In this establishment?

I'm going to go way out on a limb here: The NFL Network is not going to fire Bryant Gumbel.

(Insert dramatic pause here)

The league hired Gumbel (and partner Cris Collinsworth) in the hopes that their outspoken nature would help drive people to hear what they have to say. That it is happening months before their debut on Thanksgiving night is, well, gravy.

If the NFL sacked Gumbel, they may as well just put league PR staffers on the air 24-7, because that is how the network would be taken from that point on. And mired in a dogfight for cable penetration, the league would never let that happen.

So the amount of coverage surrounding whether or not Gumbel will get the boot is a bit surprising, and playing right in the PR boost the NFL hoped Gumbel would give them…at some point.

The league can act as outraged as they like publicly, but that facial expression being hidden by league execs is a smile.  When is the last time anyone was talking about something said by an NFL Network personality?

They are almost as shocked by the controversy as Mark Burnett is by the backlash to his race vs. race Survivor idea.

In other words: Drinking? In this establishment? It's an outrage!

By Ben Grossman