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Dog Days of Summer

Thanks to a new exhibit in Madison Square Park, a B&C editor could essentially go the entire day without being beyond the reaches of television. When famed Weimaraner fetishist William Wegman’s new video exhibit is officially unveiled in the park tomorrow, one could presumably check the morning weather on NY1 before leaving for work, watch a little local TV in the back of a cab, cadge a bit of The View on P.J.’s office TV, then saunter a block over to the park for the Wegman exhibit. 

The Wegman show features four flat-screen TVs showing a seven-minute film of his beloved gray dogs doing decidedly un-doglike things in the park, such as driving groundskeeper buggies in full groundskeeper outfits. 

Park-goers seemed amused by the new spectacle, though most were more interested in jumping on line at the Shake Shack before it closes for the season.