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Does ABC Have the Vegas Idea?

I thought I had returned from Las Vegas after the NAB show a week and a half ago, but I found myself right back in the heart of the action as I watched ABC. What happens in Vegas doesn't stay there when it's sweeps time.

ABC has lined up a marriage, big money bingo, and star impersonators of everybody from Howard Stern to Sammy Davis Jr. to pump up its May numbers.

The Grey's wedding is about par for the course in sweepsland, looking to drum up even bigger numbers for a marquee show. But the bingo game and the impressionist's mimic-off would seem to skew pretty old.

Don't get me wrong, I love impressionists. Jim Bailey does the best Judy Garland, arguably better than Judy, and I am still searching for a DVD version of the Kopycats (or was it Copycats), that British import series of the erly 1970's that showcased such talents as George Kirby and Marylin Michaels and Frank Gorshen and Ron Moody and Will Jordan and Rich Litte (before he was bombing Washington), well, you get the idea. I know my impressionists.

But as of March 29–don't worry if you didn't send a card–I was no longer of interest to those targeting the 18-49 demo. I still count toward news ratings, which means TV stations still care about me. But networks not so much anymore.

And Bingo skews even older, doesn't it. I mean I have called a game or two at the local nursing home. Truth or Dare, Trivial Pursut, yes, but Bingo? I haven't seen the show, so maybe it its got eye candy and strange twists, but I will need to be convinced. Oh, that's right, I'm out of the demo so I won't have to be convinced.

I'll make my oldest daughter watch it. She just joined the 18-49 crowd.

By John Eggerton