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Dobbs Rips Media Over Palin Coverage

CNN’s Lou Dobbs didn’t pull any punches Thursday, telling Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer that the "national libera media" had engaged in an "unconscionable" character assassination of Repubulican VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Dobbs was talking about the VP debate Thursday night, where he said the playing field would be leveled.

Dobbs did not exclude CNN from the networks he thought had attacked her without applying the same standard to her opponent, Joe Biden.

Blitzer pointed out that Palin had gotten great press when she was first announced as Senator John McCain’s pick, and that criticisms of Biden, including accusations of plagiarism, had already been covered…

While we’re on the subject of the debate, the flap over Gwen Ifill moderating the debate seemed to me a tempest in a teapot.

Most of the coverage I saw on the issue was simply reporting on bloggers complaining, or on John McCain ’s response–to reporting by news outlets on the commentary by bloggers–that he thought she would do a professional job. So do I.

There will be many tens of millions of people watching the debate, so it is unlikely that Ifill will be conducting some stealth campaign to favor Democrats without a few million people noticing it.

News flash: Journalists have political biases. Arguably those who put theirs out for public comment, and I am not conceding Ifill is doing that anyway, are being more transparent than those who don’t.

More and more journalists are now blogging as part of their jobs, which often means they are providing their personal opinions. Being a journalist doesn’t mean you don’t have biases. It means that you have a responsibility not to let them compromise your reporting or anchoring or moderating.

Everyone will be able to judge Ifill by her actions, not by the suppositions of others about a book that has not yet even been published.