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Dispatches from the Fox Upfront

Ok, full disclosure-I was late to this one. Deadlines, traffic, blah, blah, blah. Upfront five out of five in four days-running a little slower than usual in stilettos.

I can say already that it's going two billion times better than Fox's upfront nightmare last year (rain, crowding into the Armory, late start, botched comedy by that late-night Spike guy). This year's show is at the City Center-*much* nicer seating, at least.

I think I missed the comedies Back 2 You and The Return of Jezebel James. Peter Ligori's just finished going through the reality fare with two music shows, Nashville and Next Great American Band and a kitchen competition.

Next up-dramas. This bunch looks pretty high-brow for Fox. The post-Katrina cop show "K-Ville" gets polite applause.

"New Amsterdam," which Liguori calls a "detective show cloaked in a romantic fable." The lead looks like Denis Leary. I think the conceit is that he never grows old. More polite applause.

"Canterbury's Law," Julianna Margulies' post-"ER" series TV return. Clearly a showcase for her and she's good. Louder applause for this one.

"The Sarah Connor Chronicles," some kind of "Terminator" update with lots of special effects. Looks tres expensive-guess that's good if you're into all that futuristic stuff.

Liguori runs through the network's schedule. He says they're not satisfied with just being the network leader and that they're "really gonna go for it" this season with more. He takes a fake call from "24"'s Jack Bauer alerting him that his hour's up and tells the crowd, "the bar's open. I'll see you at the party."