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Discreet Activewear Now!!!

Having tuned to the network evening news a couple times lately, I am now atuned to the older-skewing commercials they contain.

I have a suggestion for those ads for "Serenity Discreet Activeware," the protective undergarments they model on slim, wrinkle-free bodies, almost none of which need discrete activewear.

Let's get real, people, and let's get real people to talk about it to the other non-wrinkle-free bodies out there, more along the lines of those prostate medications that I see a lot more of, too, now that I am watching the evening news.

How about a celebrity spokesperson, Jerry Stiller, to add a little attitude and Boomer idenitification for what are sadly, I suppose, but inevitably, going to be added to the wardrobe as those 60's flowers–I'm in there, too–lose some of their powers.

The commercial could show Stiller's fuse shortening as some little frustration magnifies. A voiceover weighs in: "When you lose control…." followed by Stiller's trademark cry from that famous Seinfeld episode, "Serenity Now!!!!!!"

Just a thought in a dry, not so discreet, but still active brain.

By John Eggerton