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Detroit Stations Blanket Kwame

Detroit stations of course had a field day covering former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick this week. Fox O&O WJBK, which went wall to wall covering Wednesday’s hearing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., offers a "video vault" of the charismatic/controversial Kilpatrick’s rise to power under the "Mayoral Mess" header. Washington Post’s WDIV has Kilpatrick’s 20-minute resignation speech from Thursday on demand, during which he claimed "full responsibility for my own actions." 

Scripps’ WXYZ has some pretty interesting footage of investigative reporter Steve Wilson, long a thorn in Kilpatrick’s side, getting denied entry to the press conference. The crew then films Wilson, who was deemed a security risk for allegedly pushing a police officer days before, phoning the mayor’s office looking for answers. 

"We know why you’re keeping me out of there, don’t we?" he says. "And it has nothing to do with any incident that happened days ago…You know it, I know it, we’ll put it on the air and the folks at home will know it. Is that what you want?"

The Detroit Free Press, for its part, has an exhaustive 35-clip video on demand batch related to Kilpatrick, including newsroom chats with the Freep’s beat reporters covering the blockbuster story.